Couch to pacer

Katie Hanly transformed herself into a racing regular and helps others cross the finish line There’s truly never a bad time to start running. Just ask our 3:15-3:30 pace leader Katie Hanly. Hanly didn’t start running until she was 42 years old when she joined the Couch to 5K program with the goal to run a local … More Couch to pacer

Connecting with others and meeting goals

Race pacer Manivannan Vangalur shares his pacing secrets and inspiration  Manivannan Vangalur has been a runner since 2002. What eventually began as a simple quest for physical fitness turned into a mental plus physical game and an irreplaceable part of Vangalur’s ’s weekly routine.  Vangalur serves as the 1:45 pacer for our race. You can … More Connecting with others and meeting goals

A state that “begs us to create magnificent art around it”

Miss Kentucky Alex Francke will bring her artistic talents to our fifth annual event Making history in Kentucky looks different for everyone.  For Alex Francke, the 2019 Miss Kentucky, this means she wants to be an “empowered woman who made the people around her feel unstoppable and who always stayed true to herself and her … More A state that “begs us to create magnificent art around it”

Bring the kids!

Let your littles experience history in a new way while you run! History is a word that means lots of things. … State history, family history, health history. At the Kentucky Historical Society (KHS), we know a lot about history, but with our half marathon, 10K and 5K, we want you to create YOUR history … More Bring the kids!

Brazil -> Orlando -> Toledo -> KY History Half

Isabel Escobar is an expert on spinning all of the plates The beautiful thing about running is that it truly attracts all sorts of people – from elementary students to grandparents. From Kentucky natives to world travelers. Injured and healthy. Everyone is on a different path, and we love getting to know what our runners … More Brazil -> Orlando -> Toledo -> KY History Half

‘Someone who inspired people and encouraged others’

Linda Word is our race co-director and has an incredible story to tell  How many ex-smokers run the Boston Marathon? Probably quite a few. But how many of them also spent precious time training and coaching others and leading a pacing team through other races while training That would be the one and only Linda … More ‘Someone who inspired people and encouraged others’

Giving all of his heart, starting with Hart

Learn more about our co-race director, Bob Baney, and the ventures that led here Bob Baney’s race directing and timing business – RaceRise – started with a lot of “Hart” and even more heart. The path he took to becoming arguably Central Kentucky’s best known “race guy” in brightly colored shirts began with personal pursuits … More Giving all of his heart, starting with Hart

Pace Crew 2017

Linda Word and her team of pacers at ForWord Running have once again signed on to serve as pacers for the KY History Half. The entire group is made up of local runners who know the course and run it frequently. Their job is to help you tackle our Frankfort hills, be a “tour guide” of … More Pace Crew 2017