Connecting with others and meeting goals

You’ll have to be quick to stay in Manivannan Vangalur’s 1:45 pace group! He’s pictured on the left, holding the 1:45 sign. 

Race pacer Manivannan Vangalur shares his pacing secrets and inspiration 

Manivannan Vangalur has been a runner since 2002. What eventually began as a simple quest for physical fitness turned into a mental plus physical game and an irreplaceable part of Vangalur’s ’s weekly routine. 

Vangalur serves as the 1:45 pacer for our race. You can share in his enthusiasm and encouragement this year as you toe the line with hundreds of other runners in our fifth annual event. He first began pacing in 2013 and says it’s one of the ways he loves to give back to the local running community.

His secret to successful pacing?

“I try to run the training runs or race course at least a few times or at least have run the race once before,” he said. “That helps to be familiar to share with the runners and also know when to ease up or speed up. I like to run an even effort throughout, so it helps to know the course and conditions of the race.”

Also he noted that staying consistently hydrated and fueled keeps energy stable when he’s pacing, “even if it’s slower than how I usually race [when I’m not pacing].” 

What he loves most is that “pacing is another way to connect with people, get inspired by their stories and be truly motivated by them as they reach their goals.”

 In order to meet those goals Vangalur suggests consistency with training, plenty of rest and tiptop nutrition and hydration. 

“Stay focused on the process and most of all, give yourself grace and the kindness you show to others,” he said. “This is what I tell myself and say that to others as well.”

Look for Vangalur at the 2019 KY History Half. Sign up here.

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