Hello, History! A Few KY History Half Course Favorites

capitol buildingNo matter what part of the state they come from, KY History Half runners just might see someone who “represents” their home town as they pass the  current Kentucky State Capitol building on race day, September 24.

This “new” building is actually the fourth capitol building and was completed in 1910.  capitol building closeup-useIt offers impressive architectural features both inside and out, including decorative lunettes depicting the adventures of one of Kentucky’s most well-known historical figures:  Daniel Boone.   Another stunning feature:  allegorical figures on the sculptured pediment of classical front portico representing Kentucky (center), with Progress, History, Plenty, Law, Art and Labor as her attendants.  More info is available at Capitol.ky.gov.

13466186_1718381848425598_1096408511030232721_nSpeaking of “new” buildings…tradition has it that when one inhabitant of the new Governor’s Mansion (pictured at left) vacates, his or her spouse will leave the incoming inhabitant’s spouse a platter of baked ham with beaten biscuits and a white cake on the dining room table.

There are too many stories of Kentucky’s governor’s mansions–old and new–to count. To learn more about Kentucky’s governors and their experiences in and out of the governor’s mansions, visit History.KY.gov and start browsing. And if you love this evening view of the mansion, wait until you run past it in the daytime as a KY History Half runner, or as you and your friends do a pre-race tour of Frankfort on Discover Frankfort Day, September 23–it’s even more stunning!

 Mural clue2In addition to views of  historical buildings that once sheltered many of Kentucky’s most famous (and infamous) characters, KY History Half runners will get a close up look at  the Frankfort Children’s Mural as they run along Broadway, near the RJ Corman Railroad Group bridge on Wilkerson Avenue.    Mural

The mural is a beautifully-crafted work of art created by local schoolchildren that not only depicts the City of Frankfort’s history–“it adds a new chapter to the community’s history,” Jennifer Zingg, the artist and teacher who spearheaded the project, is quoted as saying on Frankfortpublicart.com.  

For more info regarding the numerous historical sites along the KY History Half course, visit our “Running through History” page, and keep an eye out for more Hello, History blogs and trivia questions on the “KYHistoryHalf” Facebook page!  

*Photos courtesy of Central Kentucky Photography Group Member Sharley Hughes.

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